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Newark Martial Arts Center

An established martial arts center in Newark, New York, since 2017. Visit here.

Newark Martial Arts Center website screenshots

Marion Garage Door

A well-established garage door sales and service business in Marion, New York, since 2001. Visit here.

Marion Garage Door website screenshots

Beauty & Beyond Hair Salon

A popular beauty salon in Farmington, New York, since 2005. Visit here.

Beauty and Beyond Hair Salon website screenshots

Free Weekend in the Finger Lakes

A website for tourism promotion and free vacation giveaways in the Finger Lakes region of New York since 2018. Visit here.

Free Weekend in the Finger Lakes website screenshots

Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum

I did some contract work on this website for a railway museum in Lenox, Massachusetts. Their main developer hired me to lighten their workload to save development time. Visit here.

Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum website screenshots

Graphic Design

I am a ___ [occupation] shirt (not a real product yet):

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